Back That Thang Up.

Sometimes I like to metaphorically wash my mind.

I take a few steps back.

I think about an earth devoid of humans and our countless inventions.

No cars.

No high-rise skylines.

Just a brilliant display of green.

I like to think about how many of us are out there, waking and rising for another rotation.

We come from different places, but we are all the same.

We’re just trying to make it. We’re trying to gather meaning for the days we spend here.

We are all human.

We are ALL human.

WE are all human.

We ARE all human.

We are all HUMAN.

I need shelter; I want comfort.

I need nourishment; I want cuisine.

I need interaction; I want relationships.

So it’s simple, really.

For however long I have on this planet, I aim to enjoy it.

To enjoy it.

I aim to spread hope, and acceptance.

I am a teacher.

I am a student.

I am a lover of life.


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