Roll of the Dice.

Experience the Many Emotions of SnapDragon X.

Let it Go, 2018. Cape Cod. Original Photo by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved.


I am happy when I feel I am utilizing my talents: writing, teaching, and organizing.

I feel happy when I inadvertently sing the harmony to every song I hear.

Animals. School supplies. Girls’ Night. A new tube of chapstick. IPAs. Frida Kahlo. Public Library signs. My aloe plant. Perfectly applied makeup. A fresh bedspread. When I hear a Paul McCartney song in public. M&M McFlurries. The moment after a TSA security check. Cast iron skillets.

. . .


I am sad when I think of society’s overwhelming problems: poverty, pollution, and commodification.

I feel sad when I feel alienated from those I love.

Suffering. If I’ve offended someone. Climate Change. The obsolescence of CDs. Injured animals. Making this list.

. . .


I am angry when people don’t think for themselves.

I feel angry when those in power offer simple solutions to complicated issues.

Bullies. Hypocrites. Know-it-Alls. People who wear headphones when they drive. Short-sighted Identity Politics. Cults. Business models of education. Sunburn. A cracked iPhone screen. Pragmatists. Most cable television shows.

. . .


I am tranquil when I’m curled up on the couch with The Fur Babies.

I feel tranquil when I’ve just finished a book.

Open windows. Friday nights. Clipping coupons. Crocheting. Afternoon naps. Being far from home. Being back home. Folded laundry. That just-showered feeling. Companionable silence. A completed task.

. . .

So it’s a crapshoot, really. A roll of the dice.

Each day is another game, another chance.

So cup those dice, blow three times, and embrace the possibilities.

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