SnapDragon rambles on about who she is and wants to be.

It’s Me, 2017. Ocean City, New Jersey.
Original Photo by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved.

I love this photo.

It’s not “cool”. I’m not sporting perfect cat-eye makeup or designer lipgloss.

It’s simply a portrait of me, on a radiant summer’s day.

My albino-like complexion called for a visit to one of the three thousand boardwalk shops, to select a wide-brimmed hat that would hopefully shelter me from harm.

This six-dollar beauty did the trick.

And when I look at this photo, I am reminded of my best moments.

When I’m my truest self.

When I focus on what really matters in this life.

. . .

No one will remember the clothes I wore.

No one will remember if my eyebrows were plucked with precision or if my stress-induced acne was at its worst.

They will remember how I made them feel.

. . .

confident; intelligent; unique; important; creative; insightful; hilarious; wise; compassionate; mature; complex; valued

This is how I want to make others feel.

. . .

I am a teacher.

I accept you as you are.

We’re on the same team, no matter what.

Because really, I am you. And you are me.

Your stutter, your emotional baggage, your insecurities.

We’re all just human, and I love you for it.

. . .

I will remember the sounds of people laughing.

I will remember the delectable tastes of omelettes, cappuccinos, and baguettes.

I will remember the power of music, and feel it deep within my bones.

. . .

My best moments are when I remember who I am, and stroll confidently into the unknown.

. . .

I want to see the best in people. I want to be slow to anger, and quick to forgive.

I want to be remembered as an artist.

I want people to know me for my passion, my heart, my loyalty.

I want to be an undeniably faithful friend.

. . .

Let’s show our best selves, Dear Reader. ‘Cause it’s another day to get it right.

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