Hello, whoever may be out there.

I just need a moment to let a few things out.

. . .

  1. I am an empath. I feel everything. If you are hurting, I am hurting. I will do anything to take away your pain. You are intelligent, talented, and worthy of living life in freedom. I will love you, forever.
  2. It’s Paul McCartney’s birthday. He’s 77 years young today. He has been the most influential figure in my life, by far. He is the epitome of authentic, artistic talent. Do yourself a favor and give him a listen, friend. (Ram is his best album, in my opinion.)
  3. Find your cause. Almost nothing infuriates me more than when a person stands for nothing. No passion, no purpose. Whether it’s comic books or French cuisine, find your spark. Life’s too short to be bland.

. . .

I wish I could rid the world of heartache. I wish I could rewrite history and eradicate all of the suffering human beings inflict upon others, upon themselves.

We are better than this.

Shed your skin. Breathe the air. Be no one other than you.

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