The Natural Deodorant Challenge.

Because stress stinks. Just roll it on, yo.

Natural Armpit Love, 2019. Original Photo by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved.

All right! Snap is back and ready to share her two-bit opinions on the top contenders of the Natural Deodorant Game.

I think in 2019 choosing a natural–or at least aluminum-free–deodorant is a no-brainer. Whether or not the cancer-causing claims of mainstream sticks are bogus, I’d rather be safe than sorry. Besides: it’s not like regular deodorant is that much cheaper. (At least for the most part.)

And so, I’ve selected three of my faves, all for your reading pleasure!

Top Contender #1: Crystal Mineral Deodorant Roll-On (Unscented)

Crystal, 2019. Original Photo by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved.

I sweat a lot. (It’s true.) I’m no athlete, and live a fairly sedentary lifestyle, but my armpits need TLC, yo. Wash, deodorize, repeat. (You do too, right?)

So, while I enjoy the smooth, cooling, and unscented simplicity of Crystal’s deodorant, its up-to-24-hour-odor-protection disclaimer is no joke. It’s also purely a deodorant, so it’s not ideal for wearing your light-gray tee shirt to a picnic. Pit stains will happen, friend.

Overall, this is my go-to for breezy summer days spent sipping icy drinks in the shade.

You can score a 2.25 fluid ounce bottle at Target for about $3.99.

Top Contender #2: Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant (Rose + Vanilla)

Schmidt’s, 2019. Original Photo by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved.

Schmidt’s steps it up by both deodorizing and absorbing wetness throughout the day. It also lives up to the 24-hour rule, but if I had to put my money on which offers longer protection, it would hands-down be Schmidt’s.

This stick slides on in a gritty, almost wet-sand sort of fashion, and is not recommended for freshly-shaven skin. I concur. Additionally, my best friend tried this brand and unfortunately had a negative skin reaction. So it may not be for those with sensitive skin.

In short, this is my choice for more active summer days. I enjoy the rose vanilla scent, and overall it’s simply a quality product.

A 2.65 ounce stick will run you about $4.99 at Target.

Top Contender #3: Ursa Major Deodorant (Hoppin’ Fresh)

Ursa Major, 2019. Original Photo by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved.

I discovered this wonderful product when The Sweet Husband returned from a brewery run to The Alchemist, up in Vermont. (Why do I not live in Vermont? It boggles my mind at this point.)

Anyway, oddly enough, they were giving away these deodorant sticks to their craft-beer-loving clientele. Subliminal messaging, perhaps?

Either way, I love this stick. Its mint and eucalyptus scent is very light and fresh, and does its job by keeping me dry and feeling like I can hug my friends without embarrassment. In fact, this is by far the winner when it comes to an all-around effective and reliable natural deodorant product.

The downside?

It costs $18 for a 2.9 ounce stick!

That’s just crazy, yo. I love you, but you crazy.

So until I win the lottery, this will be a splurge-only type of product.

. . .

So in closing, Dear Reader? These three products are worth a shot. I enjoy having all three in my beauty arsenal.

You do you!

(And treat your armpits with love.)

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