Friday Night Ramblings.

Hello, Dear Reader.

It’s time for a few two-bit musings. You know: just because.

Three Things I Currently Find Annoying:

  1. Labeled Notebooks. I do not need a journal or notebook to display the word Journal or Notebook on its cover. I understand the purpose a bound collection of paper serves. Let’s save the covers for artwork or cool quotes.
  2. Major Corporations Who Won’t Recycle. How is it acceptable for Starbucks or Dunkin’ to serve millions of drinks in plastic cups each day, yet not provide a recycling bin in their locations? I don’t care what it costs or how inconvenient it is; if you’re not digging through those trash bins and secretly recycling, you’re almost surely destined for Hellfire, friends.
  3. The Idea that More is Always Better. Whoever coined the phrase Keep it Simple, Stupid was on to something. Our society loves the idea of more. Longer school days! More test prep! Bigger class sizes! More educational technology! Or consider our collective attitude toward overtime; multi-tasking; or 24-hour news. Umm, you ain’t fooling me, kid. Nobody needs all that. Because I can’t ever remember a time when stuffing my day to the brim helped, even in the slightest.

And so, there we have it! Another cynical post from yours truly.

(shrugs shoulders and smiles)

You know you love The SnapDragon. At least, I hope you do.

‘Cause I love you.

Nighty night.

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