Two-Bit Musings.

The Fresh Start.

It’s August 1st, yo.

I absolutely love a fresh start.

I love flipping another page of my ASPCA calendar and seeing all those open squares of possibility. (Along with photos of sweet animals who’ve been saved, of course. Aww.)

I often look for fresh starts in the most hum-drum of circumstances:

Getting my oil changed and therefore feeling like I have another chance to “pamper” my vehicle

(No more trash on the floor!)

The Start of a New Hour

(Okay. No more fooling around!)


(Maybe this week I’ll go to the gym.)

-Getting My Hair Cut

(I’ll only use natural products from here on out.)

. . . You get the idea.

Because I think there might be something inherently therapeutic about a fresh start.

It’s another chance to get things right.

So, Dear Reader?

Consider this your fresh start.

SnapDragon declares it.

This moment, this instant. Ready, set, go.

Shed the disappointments, the heartaches, and the should-have-dones.

Because you’re still here. You’re still alive, and you are strong.

And you can bet your sweet ass you were born to do something great.

So go change those sheets on the bed.

Wash your face.

Drink a tall glass of gloriously icy water.

Because you’ve got this.

. . .

What are some of your favorite Fresh Start moments, Dear Reader?

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6 thoughts on “The Fresh Start.

    1. š™ø šš—ššŽššŽšš šššš˜ ššŒšš•ššŽššŠšš— šš–šš’šš—ššŽ, šššš˜šš˜. š™°šš—šš˜šššš‘ššŽšš› šššš›ššŽššŠšš šššš›ššŽššœšš‘-ššœššššŠšš›šš ššššŽššŽšš•šš’šš—šš. šŸ•Š


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