Nothing to Lose.

Wuddup, friends?

It’s been awhile. About a month and some loose change.

And I’ve missed you.

I just needed a small break from the interwebs, and from spouting off my two-bit musings for all of the world to see.

Because sometimes life is weird, and complicated, and appears to be an overwhelming mess of disappointments;

a scroll of obligations;

a truckload of environmental pressures.

Do more. Be more. Give more.

And so, sometimes something has to break.

. . .

So anyway, here I am.

Still SnapDragon.

And I’m reminded of what that truly means:

gentle; often quiet; honest; opinionated; friendly; flawed.

I’m just a sprout in this wild garden, love.

I’m here, and ready for what comes next.

Sneaker Queen, 2019. Rochester, New York. Original Photo by SnapDragon X.
All rights reserved.

2 responses to “Nothing to Lose.”

  1. glad to see you back blogging!

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