Two-Bit Musings.

Little Bird.

It’s a gorgeous autumn morning here in Pennsylvania.

It’s a crisp 56 degrees Fahrenheit with a gentle display of sun.

Quick Snapshot, 2019. Pennsylvania. Original Photo by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved.

My kitchen window is open, I have a decaf iced coffee before me, and Father John Misty sings beautifully in the background.

It’s a good day.

I like to watch the birds hop among the fallen leaves. Their twig-like legs propel them into a dance with the neighborhood squirrels.

Enjoy this planet, little lovelies. It’s your home, too.

I also like to think about how simple this life can be.

Sure, each of us comes from a different place.

No matter our age, we all carry our own lifetime of experience.

Uncertainty. Trial and error. Family. Friendship. Fun.

We’re all here, just trying to make our days meaningful.

So pour yourself a glass of water (with extra ice!), swipe on your favorite lip balm, and remember that you have every right to be here.

You’re one-of-a-kind.

You’re strong.

And you can do this.

We need you.

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