Tuesday Talks.

Tuesday Talks: On Travel.

It’s no fun to talk to myself.

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Hush, 2019. Acadia National Park, Maine. Original Photo by SnapDragon X.
All rights reserved.

Today’s Tuesday Talk Question:

Why do so many people like to travel? Do you enjoy traveling? Why or why not? What are some of your favorite destinations?

Remember to be kind in your responses! (And, you know. In life in general.)

Okay. Ready, set, go!

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22 comments on “Tuesday Talks: On Travel.

  1. I just love going new places! 🌟 Getting out of town! Destination: anywhere! Have camera – will travel 😊

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    • I love traveling! It can be a new town or city here in Pennsylvania, a different state of The US (Colorado is my favorite, though I still have much to see), or to another country. Basically, I’m up for whatever! 🕊


  2. Love to travel. Exposure to different places and people is all a learning experience. Such a great way to expand your horizons while having fun along the way.


  3. I think people like getting out of their lives/themselves for a while. We love Jamaica. The Caribbean is so warm and salty. I could stay in the water all day. The people are so friendly and laid back. We’ve been three times and I’m sure we’d live to go more!

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  4. Love to travel and explore! Favorite places: Boston, Copenhagen, Barcelona, and Australia. I love to emerge myself in the history, culture and food!

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  5. Oh so many to choose from! Boston- Italian in the North End, Copenhagen- an incredible indoor food market with so many local yummies to try- a fav was the charcuterie with Rose and grilled squid with lemon and black ink, Barcelona the churros stuffed with dulce de leche and in Australia the local wines and Emu was tasty and lots of great Asian places. I could go on forever!

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  6. I love going to new places; it’s a chance to see how other people live and learn from them. I particularly like it when we visit somewhere for an extended period (more than a month), since it seems to offer a better chance of really getting to know the place and its people.

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    • Same here! While I haven’t stayed in a foreign city for more than a week at a time, (hopefully some day!) my husband and I like to stay at Air BnBs. We’ve done this is many places in Europe, most recently Paris and Madrid. It’s so neat to hunker down like a local and enjoy everything within walking distance! 🕊

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  7. Hi, I’ve been planning the spring vacation, booking flights, making hotel reservations, etc. for months now, and get more excited with each day.Pegasus uçak bileti

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