Tuesday Talks: On Stress Relief.

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Shake it Up, 2017. Original Photo by SnapDragon X.
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Today’s Tuesday Talk Question:

What is your go-to remedy for stress? Why do you think this helps? How did you come by this practice?

Remember to be kind in your responses! (And you know. In life in general.)

Okay. Ready, set, go!

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9 responses to “Tuesday Talks: On Stress Relief.”

  1. Journaling, exercise/ running, talking with a friend, a nice cuppa something, the beach, music. I think I came across what I love best through trial and error.

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    1. Great list! Any favorite bands or artists? 🌷


      1. Depends on my mood. We are super eclectic. I love 50’s motown and 60’s rock. My parents were hippies so Beatles, Janis, Hendrix, Grateful Dead. I love 90’s grunge rock and folky stuff. I really love the Indigo Girls if I want to go deep and introspective. Natalie Merchant. For fun/ upbeat I love hip hop old and new. I am partial to females though for sure! I see you are a Beatles fan too! My daughter is obsessed! We went to an amazing Beatles Fest last year.

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      2. Excellent playlist! I’m definitely a classic rock girl at heart, but have gotten into the Indie scene quite a bit. I love The Decemberists, Josh Ritter, David Bazan, and Father John Misty. Music makes me so happy, and definitely helps in times of stress. 🌷

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      3. I’m going to check those out

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  2. comedy shows, like King of Queens…

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    1. Me too! Seinfeld is my number one go-to. The day doesn’t feel complete without watching an episode or two. 🌷

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      1. we all need a laugh-a-day!

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      2. Indeed, we do! 🌷


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