Like It or Love It.

It’s Gaming Time.

Dude. You need this game in your life.

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All right, friends.

I am by no means a serious gamer, but this game is just too. much. fun.

In an age where co-op games are usually done via the internet, it’s a refreshing change to play one with a friend. In the same room. On the same team.

Revolutionary, I know.

My husband and I are absolutely in love with Overcooked.

(And Overcooked 2, of course.)

As a team, we act as short-order cooks in the craziest of kitchens.

We’re not just making burritos, but we’re doing it in outerspace. We’re delivering pasta dishes on a hot-air balloon. We’re baking pizzas in a haunted castle with The Unbread (yep, pieces of angry toast) trying to break down the walls.

It’s crazy.

It’s silly.

But it’s so much fun, and seriously challenging at times. It will push your communication skills to the brink, yo.

But most importantly, it’s a game that brings you and yours together.

Who’s ready for some fun?

. . .

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5 comments on “It’s Gaming Time.

  1. our family likes board games, so thanks for the recommendation!

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  2. Thanks! Like to play Brain Games and such with my wife and singing daughter. Will give it a try!

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