Tuesday Talks.

Tuesday Talks: Starting Over.

Come on! We need your input, yo!

Yes Please, 2019. Maine.
Original Photo by SnapDragon X.
All rights reserved.

Today’s Tuesday Talk Question:

When was a time you “started over”? How did it feel? What helped you?

Remember to be kind in your responses! (And, you know. In life in general.)

Okay. Ready, set, go!

. . .

SnapDragon is a mom, cat-mom, and hoarder of hotel soaps.

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20 comments on “Tuesday Talks: Starting Over.

  1. Hey. 😊
    It was around four years ago. I had no motivation to continue, anything, whatsoever.
    The only thing that had me going was the undying hope that we all are born with. I just couldn’t lose the hope, the hope of being able to feel alive again.

    Peace and blessings 💐🤗

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  2. Lately, it seems my start overs and do overs can be daily or even hourly. Whenever I am not living up to my best self and personal goals I may press reset.

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  3. nearly 40 years ago I quit my job and decided to go back to school to become a teacher; 35 years later I’m getting near the end of a wonderful career I have had as a teacher…

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  4. I recently starting over with my workout routine yesterday. yesterday I had motivation BUT today I MADE myself do it… I had to start over because I haven’t been consistent. How about you?

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    • That’s pretty much the story of my life-long relationship with exercise. 🙂
      I have started over many times, especially in regards to my creative pursuits. I’ve started writing short stories and novels, only to declare them “trash”. There’s something therapeutic about literally tearing out pages of notebook paper and throwing them in the garbage. But I vow to never give up the struggle!

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  5. When I moved against my will to a new place three years ago, it wasn’t easy. It meant new environment, new friends, new job. I felt life was harsh in my new location. Everyday I was filled with the thought of going back to my old location. But gradually, I made really good friends and began to see something good about my new location. Now, I do not feel like going back to the old location. Here is cool for my writing, family and life in general. There is always something good about anywhere we find ourself. We only need to change our mindset and that’s what I did to begin to enjoy my new location.

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    • That’s awesome! And it’s such an important reminder. Even our fresh starts deserve a chance…and sometimes things turn out better than we’d hoped. Glad you’re enjoying where you are, friend. 🕊

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