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Stay Tuned: SnapDragon’s Top Ten Albums of Her Life.

Okay. So before we get started, I must clarify a few things.

First, I’ve thought about this Holy Grail list for years. I’ve taken this very seriously. As you might imagine, it’s tough to narrow it down to just ten. But these are my gun-to-the-head, tried-and-true albums that I consider to be part of my identity.

Second, it should be noted that each artist could only be represented by one album. Many of these artists have other astounding studio works, but I’ve selected what I consider to be each artist’s masterpiece, and one that also has personal significance to my life.

And finally, while I love them all, I consider this list to be ranked in order. My number one is Number One for a reason. If I had to select just one album to listen to for the rest of my life (which is a concept I don’t even like to think about) it would hands down be what you see at the top of this list.

Yes? Good? On we go!

Stay tuned. . .

. . .

SnapDragon is a writer, artist, and collector of CDs. Nothing sounds better.

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