The Shoulds.

Hello Again, 2020.
Original Photo by SnapDragon X.
All rights reserved.

Let’s agree to take it easy on the shoulds, shall we?

I should be cleaning. I should be grading. I should take advantage of this weather and be outside.

What a waste of time.

You should have told me. We should be closer. I should be the one you turn to.

Please shut up, voice.

Leave me alone.

Because I could be doing anything.

But there’s only what is.

. . .

SnapDragon is a weirdo artist who just ate a most delicious sandwich.

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12 responses to “The Shoulds.”

  1. jessicadconrad Avatar

    Agreed. One “should” I’m trying to banish right now is the pressure to use this time at home to develop new projects, revive old ones, and write ground-breaking essays. Why do we keep framing this period of our lives in language that casts it as an opportunity? It’s not an opportunity, it’s a pandemic. We’re just trying to not get sick. That’s the only “should” we ought to be focusing on: we should protect ourselves. And, like your second list implies, all these “shoulds” can get warped from self-chastisement to misdirected doubts and anger. Ugh. Hope you’re enjoying a weekend free of “shoulds,” love!

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    1. Thank you, my dear friend. Escaping The Shoulds is so hard sometimes! But we can try. 🕊


  2. In just a few minutes, I will be changing my “I should be outside” to I will be outside!

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    1. Excellent! We are also about to head outside, onto our deck. Enjoy! 🌷

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      1. what a beautiful day!

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      2. Absolutely! 🚴🏻‍♀️

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  3. Stay weird, please. Seriously, don’t ever change. And, keeping noshing on sandwiches. Your stuff is cool and necessary.

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    1. Haha. Thanks, Michael. There is certainly no danger of me becoming any LESS weird. 🙈

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  4. Amen! The “shoulda” always get me into turmoil!

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