SnapDragon’s Farm.

Reach for It, 2020. Original Photo by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved.

Is there anything more satisfying than seeds springing to life?

Two summers ago I deposited an entire envelope of morning glory seeds at the base of our cast iron plant stand. It sits to the left of our front porch, and I thought the twirling vines would look oh-so-romantic, as Anne of Green Gables might say.

And they did, in fact. Until my Sweet Husband went to prune them, and his hands began to swell into beast-like paws.


So, I might need to learn a thing or two when it comes to the gardening game, including not planting things we’re allergic to.

But I can still try.

And a girl can still dream. . .

. . .

If I had a farm, it would be a sizable plot of land.

Our farmhouse would sit in a modest covering of pine trees, ones we would cover with bright colored lights each winter.

If I had a farm, it would be a vegetarian’s delight:

rows of lettuce; broccoli; cauliflower;

cucumbers on the vine; watermelons the size of your head; grapes ripening on a trellis a mile wide.

If I had a farm, we’d have animals just as pets:

a family of horses;

a family of goats;

a family of pigs splashing in a buttermilk bath.

If I had a farm, Dear Reader, it would have homemade pies in the window.

Apple! Peach! Chocolate pudding!

There’d be an enormous wreath on our door, made of flowers you’ve never heard of.

There’d be muddy boots on the porch and

a wooden bench down the lane to serve as a perfect reader’s nook.

Oh yes.

A girl can dream.

. . .

SnapDragon is a reader, writer, and occasional afternoon-napper.

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9 responses to “SnapDragon’s Farm.”

  1. I like that you referred to the animals as a family of …

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  2. I live vicariously through my own wishes as well. It’s okay. Make dreams on a small scale until they can grow, is an applicable approach some times. You may be able to grow potatoes & some other things with a makeshift trellises crammed into soil in pots or food grade buckets. And you can enjoy lizards in your life by visiting Murph : ) …probably you knew this, anyway [humble giggle].

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    1. Absolutely! Gotta enjoy what we can. It’s funny, because I also love the city. I guess I just want it all. . .😊


      1. I get it. I really do. : )

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  3. I think I prefer city life…
    but I do like the sound of those giant watermelons!

    hopefully the allergic reaction didn’t get any worse…

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    1. Haha. It didn’t. But he did have to take some antibiotics! 🙈

      Liked by 1 person

      1. glad it was manageable

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