RVing it Up.

Dude. We bought an RV!

All I Need, 2020.
Original Photo by Snippity Snap. All rights reserved.

And, as I’ve told my Sweet Husband about 49 times, this might just be the coolest thing we’ve ever done.

(And we’ve done a lot of cool shit.)

And now we’ve got a Big-Ass Class A!

It’s cozy. It’s comfy. And it’s a brilliant solution to traveling with an infant during a pandemic! (Because sadly, that is a thing now. Come on, vaccine.)

Also, I feel like a doucher for not sticking to my daily posts. It bothers me more than it probably should.

But just know that if I’m absent from The Blogosphere for a few, it means that I’m strolling with Baby Snap through a State Park, or enjoying the comfort of our own personal loo at 65 mph.

This is dope, yo.

Talk soon, Dear Reader.

. . .

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22 responses to “RVing it Up.”

  1. How does it ride?

    I’m curious since we rented a RV to move back East and take some of our more important things with us (as opposed to trusting them to the movers). The suspension and handling were worse than a 70 year old school bus. I’m hoping we were the exception to the RV experience, not the rule.

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    1. Was it a Class A? We are brand new to the RV scene, but my husband has done a lot of research. It seems like diesel vs gas is a major component when it comes to comfort. Ours is a 2008 diesel-pusher, on a freight line chassis. While we certainly feel a few bumps along the interstate, overall it’s a very smooth ride. 😎


      1. No, it was a class c rental with almost 100k on the odometer. Judging from how poorly it rode, I’d wager the shocks had never been changed (or any other maintenance).

        That’s awesome with yours though. Nothing is going to eliminate every bump. A generally smooth ride shouldn’t be too much to ask though. I may have to rethink my “never again” on RVs, lol. 🙂

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      2. Haha. Yeah, that definitely sounds like a rough-rider. 🙃

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      3. rentals are the worse! We loved our class c and had it for 13 years. the shocks do need to be replaced every so often – I bet that was part of the problem.

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      4. Oh I’m sure it was. NOTHING on that RV was maintained. The shocks were bad enough. The CO2 leak was what really set me off

        Still, good to hear from others that ours wasn’t the normal experience

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  2. So excited for your RV. You will be living life in 4D and sharing some amazing thoughts and stories along the way.

    We can wait for your stories while you’re busy doing your life. Stroll, baby, stroll❣️

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    1. Thanks, Teri! We are so excited. Hope you are well! 😁

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  3. that is quite exciting – will you be posting pictures of the RV? Happy travels!

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    1. It’s definitely a possibility! Thanks, Jim. 😎

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  4. Congrats on the RV! I see fun times ahead! ⛰ 💃 ⛰

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  5. WOW! That was a big decision. Enjoy the world! 🚎

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    1. Thanks! We have family who live out of state, so it seemed like a reasonable solution to our travel woes. We’re having so much fun.☺️


  6. Wahey. Congratulations. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures in the RV ♥️

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    1. Thanks, friend! It’s a blast so far. 🕊


  7. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling?!?! We still stop every couple of hours so the driver can move around but we love the RV life. This summer has been unique on so many levels. Here’s to many years of wonderful excursions!

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