I never do this: post just to say I posted.

But I know if I don’t, I’ll inevitably feel like a failure come morning.

So, even though I’m about to close my eyes for the rest of September, here are some random thoughts that might technically count as a blog post:

1. I both want and need to learn Spanish. It’s a beautiful language. I need to stop messing around and get. it. done.

2. Popsicles are my new favorite snack. I had them a lot during my hospital stay when Baby Snap was born, and I remembered what a cool, refreshing treat they are. I’ll be keeping them in stock from now on.

3. I need to create. I need to work on my novel. I took a (gasp!) year break from writing. I also need to paint. I just have to keep going, and not cripple myself by overthinking every damn brush stroke.

A’ight. Lids are closing.

Night, friends.

2 responses to “Nighty-Night.”

  1. I would consider this a significant post on my blog, where most of posts are just for the sake of posting… 🙂

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