Brain Dump, Yo.

Greetings from my cozy bed, Dear Reader.

It’s been another 24 hours and the earth is still spinning.

Time to clear out a few cobwebs before calling it a night.

Brain. Dump. Yo.

(claps hands on beat)

. . .

1. I am in awe of how much I’ve aged over the past year. The wiry silver hairs at my temples look like a friggin’ kid’s cartoon drawing. Wow.

2. I got to hear Dr. Angela Davis speak today (via Zoom) at West Chester University’s 2nd Annual Ruby Jones Conference. She was fantastic. She is fantastic. May we keep fighting the good fight.

3. Henry, my fur-son, has been so vocal and needy lately. When I finally settled down on the couch tonight, he stretched out on my legs and fell straight to sleep.

Which is what I’m about to do right now.

May you sleep soundly, love. And may you arise to the hottest, freshest pot of coffee this world has ever seen.



. . .

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  1. that must have been great to hear Dr. Davis!

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