Two-Bit Musings.


1. I’m tired.

2. But I also had an iced caramel macchiato around 3:30 and drank almost all of it.

3. The Last Man on Earth is our nightly salve for society’s ills. (Yet, the virus stuff hits a little close to home at times.)

4. I have a bit of Writer’s Block.

5. Yo.

. . .

SnapDragon is a writer, painter, and happy friggin’ camper.

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15 thoughts on “Scribble.

      1. LOL… yes… that world of making food from tiredness, makes me feel excited! It’s funny that eggs are a breakfast food, a wake-up food, and we are associating it with tiredness… yet I totally feel that I want it to happen. 😛 Be well, too!

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