Friday Night Brain Dump.

Jesus, Snap. Again? Yup. It’s 2020. And I feel like a pair of sweatpants well past their prime.

Dontcha, 2020. Original Photo by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved. (Dude, this Aloe, yo. It’s taking over society.)
  1. Heart’s on Fire. Well, it’s racing, anyway. My iWatch tells me my resting heart rate is in the 90s. Ugh.
  2. Less Really is More. The older I get, and the deeper I dive into the bowels of Academia, the more I realize that it has always been about quality over quantity. Period.
  3. I Might be 85. I’m a sucker for Bath & Body Works coupons. (And, all coupons, really.) I’ve scored so many ‘free’ bottles of lotion of the years, it’s like Christmas morning inside my bathroom drawers. Moonlight Path? I’m not sure why I have this. It still smells like Old Lady Perfume.
  4. I Have an Anxiety Disorder. I get nervous over things I shouldn’t. I know this. I treat this. I just wish I could clap my hands and fucking relax, yo.
  5. Paint Slice. I’ve been experiencing small moments of artistic inspiration. Cool ideas for paintings I wish would have been around when I didn’t spend my spare time happily washing cloth diapers and reading Little Blue Truck.

And that, my Dear Reader, is that.

What’s your Brain Dump today?

. . .

SnapDragon is a teacher, writer, artist, and sometimes Instagram-poster.

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2 responses to “Friday Night Brain Dump.”

  1. One day it dropped in that my anxiety was almost always about the past or future. And, when I stayed in the moments in which I am breathing the past and future aren’t there. By dropped in I mean into the heart, recognizing it intellectually wasn’t hard, it was living in the understanding what seems to have effect. I am not a friend of feeling anxious, it’s exhausting. Big smile for this post. Thanks.

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    1. β€œAnd, when I stayed in the moments in which I am breathing the past and future aren’t there.”

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