This-Here Body.

We only get one, you know.

. . .

I’ve mentioned my body from time to time in my writing.

It’s part of my life, after all.

And as this new, chilled-out year begins, I vow to treat her with the utmost respect.

No juicing diets. No bans on carbs or candy.

Just. . . respect.

Rest. Listen. Nourish. Repeat.

‘Cuz she’s taken you this far, and will be with you ‘til the end, Snap.

I love you, pale legs.

. . .

SnapDragon is a mom, artist, and slow sipper of all beverages.

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6 responses to “This-Here Body.”

  1. Self love and all that…me too. Pass the lasagna but not every day, kind of thing. 🙂

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    1. Haha. Perfectly put! 🤩

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  2. I love this! It’s not always about being super healthy it’s about loving yourself and treating yourself with love, respect and care.

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    1. Thank you, friend! Hope you are well. 🕊

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