Just a Little Hello.

(smiles and waves)

. . .

Hello, Dear Reader.

And greetings from our Sweet-Baby Berkshire RV!

The SnapDragon Family is nearing a week on the open road, and well, it’s been a rainy one.

But that shall not dampen our spirits!

We’ve seen bits and pieces of this country—the tiniest samplings of the American southeast—and there still lies much ahead.

So let us pour an icy drink, settle the babe, and greet the stretch of highway with a smile.

Here. We. Go.

. . .

SnapDragon is a writer who finds it completely irresponsible that auto “correct” suggests the improper use of apostrophes. Like, you’re a computer. Get your shit together.

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13 responses to “Just a Little Hello.”

  1. 🤣 lol autocorrect gets on my nerves too. It’s been autocorrecting my nephew’s name.. What a beautiful experience to travel and see the country. Enjoy!

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    1. Thanks, friend! Wishing you well. 🕊

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      1. Thank you! Wishing you well too! 🕊

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  2. I’m jealous and I love rainy weather:) Have a grand time:)

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    1. Thanks, Sheryl! The rain definitely is cozy. ☔️


  3. family a euphamism
    not sure

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    1. Hmm. Not sure what you mean! 🙃


      1. me either that was yesterday you know?

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      2. Haha. Yes. I. Do. 🕊


      3. oh oh well anyway. smiles

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      4. freaks seeking light. saying hello . oh well do tell and wasssup?>


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