Two-Bit Musings.

When in Doubt.

Stump Skills, 2021. Panama City Beach, Florida. Original Photo by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved, yo.

When in doubt:


-order the Large

-ask the question everyone else is too afraid of

-bring a sweater


When in doubt:

-drink a glass of ice water

-play your favorite album as loud as can be

-wear comfortable shoes

-remind yourself of all you’ve survived

When in doubt:

-change the sheets

-send the birthday card

-trust your gut

-close your eyes for ten simple seconds

When in doubt:

-err on the side of humanity

-err on the side of compassion

-err on the side of unquestioning love

. . .

“You should never, never doubt what nobody is sure about.” –Willy Wonka

. . .

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