Two-Bit Musings.

Things I’ll Never Go Without Again.

Welcome to my self-indulgent post, Dear Reader. Privileged a-hole musings ahead.

. . .


Here we are, man. Livin’ another day.

All of our experiences have brought us here, to this moment.

And as a grown-ass woman, I’m drawing a reasonable line in the metaphorical sand, yo.

Things SnapDragon Will Never Go Without Again (If She Can Help It.):

Quality Headphones. Nope: Don’t care what they cost. If Mama’s listening to music on the go, it’s going to be done right. Forgot them for the flight? Off to the overpriced airport store we go.

Tinted Windows. I may or may not have been pulled over for our car’s windows being too dark. (Oops.) But, I’ve realized that I’d feel extremely exposed if I went back to tint-less glass. I like feeling encased in a dark shell when on the road.

A Big Honking Water Bottle. For years now, I’ve kept one about. Everyday. Without fail. The newest holds 75 ounces, and most days I gulp it all down like a champ. SnapDragon needs nourishment, no?

An iPhone. Because just like Nintendo, Disney, and Wes Anderson, Apple does most things right. Lesson. learned.

Cinderella Timeline. You probably know by now that I’m an early-to-bed kinda gal. And barring some kind of insane party-like circumstance, I’m calling it a night at the stroke of 12. Call me old. Call me lame. Zero. effs. given.

. . .

What’s on your list, love?

. . .

SnapDragon is a writer who has obsessive tendencies while playing Sim City.

22 thoughts on “Things I’ll Never Go Without Again.

  1. My brother has two main rules in life:
    1. Don’t be a dick.
    2. Hydrate or die.

    I try and live out both of them, so I wholeheartedly value having a large drink bottle on hand at all times!

    For me there are only a few things (at present) that I think I couldn’t live without:
    1. Paper and a pen to write.
    2. Water, so probably a drink bottle like you.
    3. My guitar.
    4. Praying with my girlfriend.

    Thank you for this post. โค๏ธ

    Liked by 1 person

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