In our house there will always be:

-pots and pans drying by the sink

-half-read New Yorker magazines

-a fridge full of craft beer

-cat hair ingrained in every fabric

-an abundance of Burt’s Bees products

-more books than we could ever read

-high-quality audio equipment

-a heap of laundry in our bedroom

-coffee mugs collected from adventures past

-clutter on the dining room table

-singing and playing of guitar


. . .

What’s on your list, Dear Reader?

. . .

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14 responses to “Always.”

  1. Clutter, unused cat toys, coffee k cups, bananas and apples, a bag of potatoes and Green giant cheesy frozen veg. Walls filled with artwork and photos, art supplies, knitted and crocheted creations, a bookcase of books, love and understanding.

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    1. Love it, Matt! And I love those Green Giant cheesy meals, too. 😎

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  2. Everything on your list sans beer. And replace the guitar with drums and keyboards.

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    1. Sounds great, Bryan! 😎


  3. Dog toys. Dog bones. Little bits of paper, and nonessential receipts (of bags of chips or chocolate bars just shoot me now). Craft supplies. Shoes. Hair bands. Many more things but I’m stressed out now.

    Ugh.. 🤪

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    1. Haha. I almost put ‘a zillion hair ties’ on the list. 😎


  4. that’s what a house is for; a place to keep all your stuff…

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  5. 2 dogs 2 laptops, 2 tvs ,2 firesticks , 2 android boxes, 2 wireless headphones, 2 microphones for youtubing and podcasting, and 2 dollars for a tip for the pizza man

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    1. Oh man! The 2-dollar pizza tip is definitely going to be a thing in our house! Thanks! 😎

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  6. I gotta say, shoes by the front door. Even though you might trip on them as you walk in it’s always just nice to be home.

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    1. Yes! I love this idea. I’ve been trying to incorporate a “shoes off” policy in the house, but it’s still a work in progress! 😎

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  7. This sounds like a house I would love to live in!

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