All The Senses.

. . .

Sometimes when I’m freshly showered, with a spattering of lip gloss and my legs cat-curled up under, I feel a distant memory blooming.

The air in my nose feels fresh, sharp.

There’s a whimsy, an eyelash curl, a playground smile.

I wash my hands in scalding water to kick-start my spirit.

And the tinkling piano in my brain makes me feel like a gull out on the ocean breeze.

The girl who crossed The Walt Whitman all those years ago still lingers; she breathes and steadies herself against the weight of this fucked-up world.

Listen: she’s alive.

. . .

SnapDragon is a writer and artist who has no tattoos.

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4 responses to “Sometimes.”

  1. I love this sentence. “And in the tinkling piano in my brain makes me feel like a gull out on the ocean breeze.” I can’t wait to feel the ocean breeze. Have a wonderful day!

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    1. Thanks so much. Same to you! 🕊


  2. My Rollercoaster Journey Avatar
    My Rollercoaster Journey


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  3. Me too …
    I have no tattoos
    or any piercings
    not even a nose ring
    around here
    that makes me
    a bit queer
    but just think
    of the money I’m saving! 😎

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