On The Apology.

SnapDragon originally posted this on Wise & Shine, formerly known as Pointless Overthinking.

. . .

I’m sorry, yo. For a lot of little and not-so-little things.

. . .

I’m sorry for all the times I thought I knew better; I’m sorry for not realizing the limitations of my own world view.

I’m sorry for making To-Do Lists while you gave instructions I later needed.

I’m sorry for snapping when you asked a question I already answered.

I’m sorry for oversleeping; for rolling my eyes; for perhaps choosing words that are triggering.

I’m sorry for acting like I’ve never missed a Stop Sign, or needed an Attitude Adjustment, or forgot a friend’s Birthday.

I’m sorry for getting so caught up in work I forgot to have fun.

I’m sorry for being too lazy to move.

I’m sorry for not being more patient, more compromising, more of a Team Player.

I’m sorry for all the time I wasted, on trying to make people into people they’re not.

I’m sorry for being so weird about washing my face; for falling asleep during like every movie; for getting so angry at the state of the world that it bloody-well ruins the whole afternoon.

I am sorry, Dear Reader, for every fuck-up I’ve dealt along the line.

Because I have.

And because I will.

And because I’m a human being who has the best of intentions, and who sometimes just can’t get it right.

I love you.

I accept you.

And we’re gonna keep-on keeping-on, love.

In imperfect solidarity,


. . .

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