The Poetry Pot.


Poem 3. Written by SnapDragon X.

. . .

i will not stop.

the cause is too important.

among the pencil shavings and piles of seemingly perfunctory paper

i continue to speak.

i see you.

i hear you.

i love you.

and i will not give up the fight.

. . .

SnapDragon is an educator, artist, and homemaker. She prefers listening over speaking.

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Let's Be Friends.

Let’s Be Friends.

(Unless you’re a close-minded jerk. Then I’ll take a hard pass.)

But I’m sure you’re cool, right?

SnapDragon at Work, 2018. Original Photo by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved.

Hello, Dear Reader.

Maybe you’re a follower, or maybe you’ve stumbled upon my cauldron of creative musings and are asking yourself just what this site is all about.

What’s a SnapDragon?

I am SnapDragon, friend.

Allow me to introduce myself:

(taps the mic)

-I identify as human. I identify as a radical educator. I identify as a flawed yet compassionate soul.

-I’m obsessive about punctuation. I will fight to the death believing that it makes or breaks effective writing.

-I cannot resist cute, cartoon-y school supplies. I may be the teacher, but you better believe I’m going to buy the folder with a picture of peanut butter and jelly high-fiving on the front. Why wouldn’t I?

-I get pissed when people lack passion. I may seem like an obsessive freak about my favorite things, but at least I have personality. I’d rather be weird than boring.

-I have nighttime anxiety. If a worry seems manageable during the day, it transforms into a world catastrophe by midnight. Everything’s scarier in the dark.

-I pride myself on being forgiving. Life’s short. If you offer a sincere apology, and correct the behavior, we all good. Kids are the greatest reminder of how simple it is to just forgive and forget.

-I am embarrassingly bad at math. I truly do not know how I passed. But thankfully, all of it’s done, and I ain’t lookin’ back, yo.

-I love tattoos, but will never get one. I’m an artist, and love seeing the brilliant and meaningful designs people choose to wear on their bodies, more or less for life. But the permanence overwhelms me. I like viewing my skin as a. . . clean slate of sorts.

-I pretty much want to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Her voice, her hair. . . she’s absolutely lovely. But I would stay under the sea, no doubt about it.

-And finally? If I could have one super power, it would be to eat and drink without repercussions. I would be the queen of macaroni n’ cheese, vegetarian burritos, avocado and cucumber sushi, Chianti, and a ridiculous list of craft beers. Oh wait. I am, and most of the time just ignore the calories. Oh well.

Oh man. I’m hungry now.

So, there we have it, friends.

It’s nice to meet you. Or, if you’re a follower, it’s nice to take our digital relationship to the next level. (But no sexts, please. Don’t make it weird.)

So… who are you, Dear Reader?

Come on. I need some friends. So comment away! Tell me about your favorite things. Tell me what makes you you.

All of my love,


Two-Bit Musings.


Hello, whoever may be out there.

I just need a moment to let a few things out.

. . .

  1. I am an empath. I feel everything. If you are hurting, I am hurting. I will do anything to take away your pain. You are intelligent, talented, and worthy of living life in freedom. I will love you, forever.
  2. It’s Paul McCartney’s birthday. He’s 77 years young today. He has been the most influential figure in my life, by far. He is the epitome of authentic, artistic talent. Do yourself a favor and give him a listen, friend. (Ram is his best album, in my opinion.)
  3. Find your cause. Almost nothing infuriates me more than when a person stands for nothing. No passion, no purpose. Whether it’s comic books or French cuisine, find your spark. Life’s too short to be bland.

. . .

I wish I could rid the world of heartache. I wish I could rewrite history and eradicate all of the suffering human beings inflict upon others, upon themselves.

We are better than this.

Shed your skin. Breathe the air. Be no one other than you.