Two-Bit Musings.

Yesterday’s Tomorrow, Today.

A Sip of Life, 2015. Amsterdam. Original Photo by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved, yo.

A Good Morning to you and yours, Dear Reader!

I’m taking a tiny moment between my icy sips to contemplate this game of life.

(Wait. It’s not a game. A . . .dance? Slip ‘n Slide? Carnival Freak Show? I don’t fuckin’ know.)


I think we can all agree that things can be rather overwhelming at times.

And if you’re anything like me, the anxiety of what lies ahead can steal your joy in an instant.

What if I sleep in? What if she took that the wrong way? What if I wreck the car? What if I’m on my way to morbid obesity? What if those ‘beauty marks’ are actually cancer? What if everyone hates me?

What if. What if. What if.

Well Snap, I want to remind you that you’ve already survived your worries. Every tomorrow you’ve worried about has become today, and in turn, yesterday.

Life. goes. on.

Some how, some way, we make it through.

Because every single one of us is stronger than we think.

You got this.

. . .

SnapDragon is a writer, artist, and leftover slice of pizza waiting in the fridge.

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