Two-Bit Musings.

A Collection of Magical Moments.

Lady Snap appreciates the little things, yo. (And the not-so-little).

In View, 2020. Pennsylvania.
Original Photo by SnapDragon X.
All rights reserved.

A Good Day to you, my Dear Reader.

And greetings from Snap and Sweet Husband’s Study, which is adorned with architect-like, chalkboard-drawing wallpaper. Pendleton comforter. Window admitting a delicious array of morning sun.

I’ve got coffee breath, and chocolate donut taste on my tongue.

The denim covering my legs is comfortable, with authentically-acquired tears and paint splatters. Cozy plum-colored sweater. Three precise spritzes of Björk & Berries perfume. Scandinavian honeymoon memories.

. . .

Perhaps I feel like the truest version of myself while in fiction.

. . .

There are so many magical moments in this life. So many chance encounters, decadent desserts, and quality pages to be read.

I’ve sojourned through a period of mourning, for all that was and will no longer be.

And, it’s done, love. Over. Finished.

Time to let it vanish in the October breeze, and to focus on the here and now.

. . .

I am extremely strong.

I might not be able to do pull-ups like I did in high school, but I kick ass in ways that matter, yo.

My body won’t win any beauty contests, but will accomplish so many incredible feats. Journeys. Pleasures.

It will withstand a lifetime of joys and sorrows.

(she gives herself a tender hug)

. . .

I kiss works of art on the lips.

. . .

I revel in the simplicity of life.

I live free from dogma of any and all variety.

I recognize how many things can go wrong in this world, so I savor every opportunity I can.

Because no one will remember how cute my makeup was or the numbers on that merciless scale.

They will remember the laughs, the loyalty. The singing. The passionate pleas to appreciate real music.

The being.

. . .

I, just like you, Dear Reader, am forever changing.

And yet we’re the same.

And so very fucking beautiful.

. . .

SnapDragon is a writer, artist, teacher, mom, reader, sleeper, and probably too-much-coffee-drinker.

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(Or don’t. It’s cool.)

Two-Bit Musings.

Pretty Good.

I am pretty good at waking up before the alarm.

I am pretty good at writing on chalkboards.

I am pretty good at disarming people with logic and reason.

I am pretty good at parallel parking. (Okay. I’m actually pretty badass at this.)

I am pretty good at seeing the best in people.

. . .

I am pretty good at remembering names.

I am pretty good at wearing all of the sneakers I own.

I am pretty good at taking casually-artistic photos. (Not of myself, obviously.)

. . .

I am pretty good at brushing my teeth twice a day.

I am pretty good at singing the harmony.

I am pretty good at making everyone feel included.

I am pretty good at maximizing coupon savings.

. . .

I am pretty good at appreciating the strength of my own body.

I am pretty good at listening to the many layers within a song.

I am pretty good at making something out of nothing.

. . .

I am pretty good at being an out-of-the-classroom teacher, paint-on-her-slippers artist, and Dr. Seuss-quoting mom to The World’s Cutest 11-Month-Old.

And I think that is just lovely, friend.

I do.

. . .

A special thanks to Writer of Words for suggesting this yin to yesterday’s yang! Or, would it be yang to yin? You know what I mean. 🙂

. . .

SnapDragon is a writer, artist, and pretty-bad multitasker.

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Two-Bit Musings.

Not Good.

I am not good at pretending to be busy.

I am not good with numbers, statistics, or chronology.

I am not good at dressing professionally.

I am not good at making ‘data’ seem worthwhile.

I am not good at chit-chatting in work-related peer groups.

. . .

I am not good at posting on Social Media.

I am not good at identifying pop stars.

I am not good at resuscitating one-sided friendships.

. . .

I am not good at cooking without a recipe.

I am not good at identifying which geographic direction I’m facing (unless I’m in Philadelphia or the ocean’s edge).

I am not good at understanding jokes right away.

I am not good at card games.

. . .

I am not good at talking just to hear my own voice.

I am not good at giving a Poker Face.

I am not good at being a tour guide.

. . .

I am not good at being anyone other than me, yo.

And I think that is just enough.

. . .

SnapDragon is a writer, artist, and very-good homebody.

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Two-Bit Musings.

Who Are You?

(Possibly) (Probably) Incoherent Ramblings from Yours Truly

Quiet Lunch, 2016. Magnolia Brewing, San Francisco. Original Photo by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved, yo.

Wuddup, yo.

It’s a new month, so you just know I’ve taken this opportunity for another fresh start.

(Broken record. Such a broken record.)

I’m gonna read a book from start to finish.

(It’s time for a Stephen King, Snap. It’s been way too long. And you call yourself a fan?)*

I’m gonna post everyday darn-tootin’ day.

(Things always seem better this way. Community. Sweet sounds of the keyboard. Stimulation. Growth. Accountability.)

I’m gonna chill the eff out.

(Home. Family. Career. Passions. 24 hours. Clutter. So much clutter. You are human. You cannot do it all. Embrace it.)

I’m gonna release all negativity into the ether.

(People fuck up. Most are too stubborn or repressed (or both) to apologize. Stop waiting for a train that ain’t comin’.)

I’m gonna be me.

(Is that a BSB lyric? Nsync? But for real, I’m not trying to be anybody but me. Frizzy curls. Green eyes. Coffee stains. Cat-hair-covered clothes. Quiet yet opinionated. Early to bed, somewhat early to rise. No meat. Sings the harmony. Probably over-punctuates, if that’s even a thing.)

Snap. is. here.

I love you, Dear Reader. Be well. Be the best you’ve ever been.

. . .

SnapDragon is an artist who just wants to eat an ice cream cone without thinking about calories.

. . .

* (Umm, yeah. You’re not getting through a Stephen King in a month, Snap. But, good of you to try, love.)

Two-Bit Musings.

Wrinkled Hands.

Here & There, 2015. Original Photo by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved, yo.

As I washed this morning’s dishes, the green-apple scent of the soap hit my nostrils with springtime memory. I closed my eyes, and smiled.


I had just moved into Rittenhouse Square. I was not yet 22. My Bachelor’s degree–quite literally–sat upon my bookcase among the rows of Stephen Kings.

It was a weird time. Earlier that spring I’d accepted a teaching position for the upcoming school year, which came with a commitment letter stating that I would be placed at a high school, sometime later that summer. In the meantime, I served water ice and cones of custard a few blocks away. I’d work the evenings, close at 11, and walk home to watch two or three episodes of Six Feet Under as I guiltlessly devoured an end-of-shift soft pretzel.

On the last day of June, I got a call from the district. They wanted to know if I was interested in teaching summer school for the month of July. $38 and change per hour. Yes, please.

And the rest of that summer, and really, all of those Philly years–strung between H&M outfits, cursing in the classroom, broken relationships, and an inordinate amount of Dunkin’ Donuts Egg & Cheeses–there grew a strong and ruthless vine.

With every early morning, and every pair of broken down sneakers, I stepped more and more into myself. The tears, the misunderstandings, the drunken bafoonery. The bookstores. The Target runs. The laughter, the jargon, the parking tickets.

The insane commutes. The phone calls. The grad-school papers.

It was all me.

I was, and I am.

With each new set of hours, I open my eyes to an array of simple pleasures.

I will kiss my son hello. I will drink in yesterday’s coffee over a mountain of ice. I will delight in the robin perched upon the lamp-post.

I am here, just as I was there.

And little by little, there grows a SnapDragon.

. . .

SnapDragon is a writer, teacher, mother, and friend.

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Two-Bit Musings.

The Re-Eval.

Potatoes & Love, 2015. Amsterdam. Original Photo by SnapDragon X.

Good morning, sweet ones.

I’m sneaking in a quiet moment, as Baby Snap is upstairs snuggling with Papa. (Or, more likely, kicking him in the face with his adorable baby feet.)

I left the “ambient ocean sounds” playing here in the kitchen, because, well, I like it.

Anyway, as I’ve been on break for the past month, I’ve done a bit of soul-searching. (And by ‘soul-searching’ I mean drinking iced coffee, reading Elton John’s autobiography, and wondering why in the fuck I don’t live in Helsinki.)

And so, I’ve decided it’s time for a re-evaluation.

Top to bottom.

No holding back.

Snap as she truly is.


. . .

SnapDragon’s Re-Evaluation of Her Life, Yo:

1. Body

Jesus Christ. They weren’t lying: age is a cruel joke.

The cold, hard truth is that I’m overweight. Also, it’s probably worth noting that according to the textbook definition, I’ve been ‘overweight’ since the eighth grade. I’ve always had a thick body frame. I’m strong. And, I like to eat. I’m Petite curvy, shall we say?

Anyway, me and my metabolism aren’t getting any younger. So aside from running up and down our stairs roughly 14 times a day, Mama Snap’s gotta get movin’. Stat.

2. Mind

In my heart of hearts, I am An English Teacher.


For the past five years (!) I’ve worked behind-the-scenes at the university level, on programming that aims to support “under-served” high school students. And I don’t begrudge it. I’ve accomplished some important things, and have had some meaningful moments. I have also greatly appreciated a flexible schedule, and even more so now that I have an infant. But at the end of the day, I want my classroom back. My kids. My projects. My little utopia of fiction reading that occasionally houses a fist fight or two. You know: real life.

I will go back. Someday.

3. Soul

It’s probably no surprise that I don’t believe in anything divine. (Except for, say, Paul McCartney in 1969.) But I do, however, believe in the magic of art.

I love stories. (It’s why I became an English teacher.)

I love music. (I’m obsessed. I’ve been known to scowl at people for skipping a track on an album.)

I love painting, photography, and basically anything conjured through vision, time, and expertise.

So I will continue to dig. Bit by bit. Page by page. I will create.

Snap’s a work in progress, yo.

Aren’t we all?

. . .

SnapDragon is a writer, artist, and the complete opposite of a know-it-all. (Most times.)

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Two-Bit Musings.

Shades of Me.

Quilt, 2019. Original Photo by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved.

I want to be like Frida Kahlo.

Daring and brilliant and accepting of my face.

A good comrade.

I want to be like John Steinbeck.

Living with eyes open and fingers on the keyboard.

(But sans the cigarettes.)

I want to be like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music.

Or maybe just have her voice.

I want to be like the nameless woman in Helsinki who gave us directions and a gentle, caring smile.

I want to be like Robert Ingersoll.

Blending truth with poetry.

Taking a stand.

I want to be like my great-grandmother.

Creating a family nest so warm, so simple.

Wearing my hands ragged with labors of love.

I want to be all of them, stitched together in a quilt of imperfect humanity.

. . .

SnapDragon is a person living on Planet Earth.

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The Poetry Pot.

The Spider’s Web.

Poem 1. Written by SnapDragon X.

Not Forgotten, 2017. Acrylic on Canvas. Original Painting by SnapDragon X.
All rights reserved.

there is a delicate fluttering within me

stitched down deep,

that keeps us together after all these years.

the constant spinning:

may it never grow weary;

may it remind you of

everything that was and will be.

. . .

SnapDragon is, perhaps, just another brick in the wall.

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Two-Bit Musings.

Nothing to Lose.

Wuddup, friends?

It’s been awhile. About a month and some loose change.

And I’ve missed you.

I just needed a small break from the interwebs, and from spouting off my two-bit musings for all of the world to see.

Because sometimes life is weird, and complicated, and appears to be an overwhelming mess of disappointments;

a scroll of obligations;

a truckload of environmental pressures.

Do more. Be more. Give more.

And so, sometimes something has to break.

. . .

So anyway, here I am.

Still SnapDragon.

And I’m reminded of what that truly means:

gentle; often quiet; honest; opinionated; friendly; flawed.

I’m just a sprout in this wild garden, love.

I’m here, and ready for what comes next.

Sneaker Queen, 2019. Rochester, New York. Original Photo by SnapDragon X.
All rights reserved.