Two-Bit Musings.

Well Thank Ya!

An Obligatory Thanksgiving Post, Yo.

Five Things Snap’s Thankful For This Thanksgiving:

1. Wawa. In pure COVID fashion, we stayed in as a family on this holiday. Yours truly did, however, sneak out to our beloved convenience store, and ordered a turkey dinner with all of the trimmings. And cinnamon toast coldbrews. Umm, yes.

2. Naps. Is there anything better than drifting off to sleep on the couch, feet all warm and cozy, the TV buzzing unintelligibly in the background? I think not.

3. Chocolate Covered Pretzels. They might just be the greatest invention of all time.

4. Billy Joel. I sing his songs to Baby Snap pretty much everyday, when he’s wiggling like crazy and I’m trying to snap on his diaper. Instant smiles.

5. Not Being Sick. We’re home, and we’re healthy. Let us not forget what a relief that is.

Wishing you love and light today, Dear Reader.

. . .

SnapDragon is a writer and artist who has still never seen The Godfather series.

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Two-Bit Musings.

Perfect Day. (A Version)

Feeling Kinda Fallish, 2020.
Original Photo by SnapDragon X.
All rights reserved.

If I could snap my fingers and conjure up the perfect day. . .

(Cue the wobbly screen of a 90s-sitcom dream sequence)

A Perfect Morning:

I wake up naturally, with the bedroom window cracked ever so slightly. An audible drizzle patters on the roof.

Eggs scrambled in a cast-iron skillet; French butter; freshly-ground coffee.

A leisurely shower wakes me up for a blanket-and-couch session of intense fiction reading.

Double-dose of Seinfeld to break my reverie. Belly laughs. Cat snuggles.

. . .

A Perfect Afternoon:

Baby Snap and Sweet Husband by my side, we walk the streets of a new place. We marvel at the thoughtful architecture. We stop in a corner café for exotically-flavored iced coffees. We feel the rush of wind as we hop on the subway. Down Town awaits.

Siesta; craft beers; delicious Asian cuisine.

We buy one-of-a-kind knickknacks, delighting in the promise of our future selves.

iPhone tidbits to capture time in celluloid.

. . .

A Perfect Evening:

Our kitchen buzzes with the chatter of old friends. Glasses clink. Old songs are played and stories shared with wine-teeth grins.

Freshly-washed face; warm feet; comedy on TV.

We climb into gentle, floral-patterned sheets.

Sleep arrives without worry.

. . .

What’s your perfect day, Dear Reader?

. . .

SnapDragon is a writer, artist, and faithful seat belt-wearer.

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