Two-Bit Musings.


Just Another Day in Paradise, Yo.

. . .

Hi. How are you, Dear Reader? How do you feel today: body, mind, and soul?

Pause. Think. Answer honestly.

Me? I’m doing just fine, thanks.

I’m currently sitting on our RV love seat, clicking past the miles somewhere between Ohio and Indiana. Sweet Baby Snap is sleeping; Toddler Snap is hopefully about to do the same up in his car seat.

I’m sipping iced coffee, laughingly shrugging at the insane diesel prices, and singing songs from Father John Misty’s latest album in my head.

I feel good.

. . .

I just turned 35.

Seems kinda weird, like that’s much too old and much too young, all at the same time. Sometimes I feel like I’ve lived a thousand lives; I also feel like I’ve just been born.

And when I close my eyes and quiet my mind, I think about this life. I think about how much I value the simple idea of respect.

I want to show respect in everything I do.

Toward other human beings, animals, and Mother Earth herself.

I want to respect other people’s time. I want to respect their turn to speak.

I want to respect the public goods we all need, like clean water and food. Health. Education. The arts and humanities.

I want it to be known that I respect you because not everything is about me.

. . .


That’s it for now.

. . .

SnapDragon is a writer and artist currently residing on Planet Earth.

Two-Bit Musings.

Last Gasp.

Oh, Winter. I do love you.

. . .

There’s something about the last gasp of winter that I absolutely adore.

Because even though it’s technically springtime–what with the equinox being over and all–we northeastern folks know that pretty much doesn’t mean shit. And while there are usually a handful of truly glorious, 70-degree days scattered throughout March, there’s always one last stretch of take-your-breath-away cold.

And even though I kind of hate it, I actually kind of love it.

It’s refreshing. It’s mysterious.

And it makes me nostalgic for the things that have been.

. . .

It’s no secret that I’m an old soul. In fact, I might just be the definition of one. I like to be in: in the house, in the car, in a piping-hot shower. I don’t need much to be happy, and this in itself makes me happy.

My college days were no different. I had a handful of friends, and kept them close. We passed the weekends watching movies on VHS tapes. We’d then talk each other into watching just one more, with the assurance that we eventually would get those papers written. And we did.

We worked our part-time jobs. We scheduled our classes for the fall. We dyed our hair and dreamed of The Great Beyond.

There was so much beauty in these moments: in the vulnerable act of being young.

I want to kiss my college self. I want to brush her hair behind her ear and tell her that she’s lovely. I want to tell her that everything–the things that matter, anyway–will be okay.

. . .

So now, when I feel these last days of winter, I smile. I pull my graying hair into an uncool topknot and slip out to Giant for baby formula and kitty litter.

I look at the naked trees, and wonder at all they’ve seen.

I crank Tori Amos and sing along in my very best soprano, the delicious harmony giving me pause.

I come back home, back inside, and the warmth somehow makes me shiver at the cold I’ve just endured.

For soon the trees will blossom, our open windows ushering in a gentle breeze. I’ll wander out in a tank top and sandals, wondering where time has gone.

. . .

How simple life can be.

. . .

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Two-Bit Musings.

October: A Month in Review.

So umm. . . yeah. I was going to do this for each month in 2021. This is the second time I remembered. Oh well. So it goes.

. . .

1. Trick or Treat, Yo. October is my favorite month, and pretty much always has been. It’s mysterious somehow, which comforts a literary old-soul like me. Toddler Snap and I have been out each and everyday, living it up. I try to capture the beauty of the leaves on my phone, but alas, the magic inevitably eludes the camera. We also carved our first Jack o’ Lantern as a family, and I literally tell my husband each day that it makes me happy in my young heart.

2. Small Comforts. Each day is different, Dear Reader. Sometimes I wake up feeling like a kick-ass SnapDragon, and other days I wake up feeling like a termite-infested tree stump. So I savor every moment I can. I dip into the candy dish. I watch an episode of Frasier before bed. I remind myself that sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. I remind myself that every feeling comes and goes.

3. Time for a Trim. It’s no surprise I’m a fan of the simple life: give me my SnapDragon Family, some quality food and cinema, and I’m good to go, yo. There are only so many hours in the day, and I vow to spend them on people and things that enrich my soul. Ain’t nobody got time for bullshit, am I right?

I am just one person in this infinite universe.

And so are you, love.

So are you.

Wishing a Happy November to everyone out there!

. . .

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Two-Bit Musings.

Chip Lips.

I’ve been eating barbecue chips like they’re goin’ outta style, yo. (But that’s not what this post is about. Better read on. . .)

. . .


I’m perched here in our RV, cozied up in fruit-punch-colored sweatpants, the dim hum of the heater droning on in an inexplicably comforting way.

It’s unseasonably cold here in PA, so The SnapDragon Family is playing inside today.

Oh well.

Time for thinking.

Time for dreaming.

Time for resting these weary bones.

. . .

After reading a post by a friend of mine, I’m thinking a lot about control.

And, how very little of it we have in our lives.

Infancy. Toddlerhood. Childhood. Adolescence.

Family. Society. School. Economics.

Then, at last: Adulthood.

Adulthood. Which, generally speaking, is the bulk of our time spent on this planet.


(Cue another cycle of circumstances beyond our control.)

. . .

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Dear Reader:

All I can control are my own actions.

All I can control are my own actions.

All I can control are my own actions.

. . .

I want to be:

-Patient. Because wouldn’t I want someone to be patient with me? I’m a flawed human being, just like the rest of ‘em. Sometimes it takes awhile to learn, to get it right. And that’s okay. It’s okay.

-Kind. Again: Golden Rule. Life’s much better when you’re kind. We’re so much prettier when we smile. Plus, people always remember how we made them feel. And I want people to feel valued. I want people to feel loved: friends and strangers both.

-Curious. There is a ridiculous amount to learn in this world, in this universe! Why would I not ask questions? Because I’m afraid of looking stupid? Stupid is as stupid does, Mrs. Blue. I’m going to spend my days learning, and growing. The journey never ends.

-Authentic. I spent far too many years hiding pieces of me. People-pleasing. Dogma-abiding. Apologizing for being human. I. Am. Human. This body is finite. It’s amazing. It’s dirty, and requires a rather unfair amount of upkeep. But it’s mine. And, I hope to use it in ways to spread joy: both to myself, and others.

. . .

And there we have it.

Another snippet from your girl SnapDragon.

(smiles and waves, and grabs another handful of kettle-cooked goodness)

‘Til next time.

. . .

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Two-Bit Musings.

Whatcha Been Up To?

‘Cuz we all whittle away the days somehow.

. . .

I feel like every time someone asks, What’ve you been up to? I’m at a loss for a substantial answer.

I mean, what have I been up to?

The days seem to blur together in a stream of chores and worry, interrupted momentarily by a few specks of fun.

Another minute-hour-day-week-month-year has passed us by.

And so, my Dear Reader, after careful reflection on my day-to-day life, I’ve come up with the following answer to that inevitable, friends-and-family question:

It’s usually a pretty safe bet that I’ve been. . .

-shamelessly pouring myself an iced coffee

-sending an unnecessary Bitmoji to a friend or family member

-changing a soiled diaper

-talking about how much I miss teaching high school

-snapping a pic of Baby Snap doing something cute, or, pretty much anything

-catching a piece of news and saying, “That’s absolutely disgusting.”

-drafting work emails just for the sake of appearing relevant

-eating some form of cheese

-reading a blog post, a Dr. Seuss book, or selection of fiction

-overthinking something I’ve said or sent via text message

-putting away groceries, laundry, or toys

-washing dishes as I listen to my husband read Horton Hears a Who, and proudly reciting every word

-tinkering away on a piece of writing

-sitting and feeling overwhelmingly preoccupied

-applying cream to my extremely chapped hands

-watching Red Oaks with my Sweet Husband

-putting on fuzzy slipper socks and climbing under the covers

-wondering where the time went

. . .

And that–in all of its mundane beauty–is a typical day in the Life of SnapDragon.

. . .

SnapDragon is a writer, artist, and impulsive Dollar Store-spender.

Snippets of SnapDragon

Two-Bit Musings.

The Dirt.

Feet, 2020.
Cape Henlopen State Park, Delaware.
Original Photo by SnapDragon X.
All rights reserved.

Sometimes I just want to dig my hands in a fragrant, saturated soil.

I want to feel the granules in my skin rivets; the cold mud seeping stories of the earth.

Blood flows;

Air circulates;

Eyelashes stand guard.


. . .

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Two-Bit Musings.

Three Tiny Victories.

Hey hey hey! Look who’s posting at this late hour!

Awake past 10:30?!

Snap’s living on the edge, yo.

And since I’m here—more or less to make myself feel good about posting something—I may as well focus on the good.

Today’s Three Tiny Victories:

1. I did not succumb to my Usual Sunday Blues. Almost every Sunday, sometime during the second half of the Bills game, I tend to dwell on the what-ifs. My bones turn to a sludge-like jelly and my ponytail feels like a Brillo pad. Well, not today, love. I felt just fine. Pretty, even.

2. Baby Snap got a bath, and it was possibly the cutest thing ever. He loves bath time. Like, so much. He was kicking his sweet legs and laughing and there were bubbles all over the place. Life. Made.

3. I trusted myself. You know, I’m starting to realize just how often I sabotage my own happiness. I worry. I tell myself I’m the one person who will screw it up. But today those voices were no where to be found, and I smiled because of it.


Good night, Dear Reader. ‘Til tomorrow.

. . .

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Two-Bit Musings.

Whatcha Planting?

Every moment of every day is filled with energy.

Happiness. Sadness.

Exhilaration. Apathy.

Life. Death.

The only control I have in this world lies within my own self.

Think about that.

My mind.

My body.

My actions.

For every day we awake and arise, we sow a little seed that will one day bloom.

May we choose wisely.

. . .

SnapDragon is an educator, artist, and friend.

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Two-Bit Musings.

Clean Hands, Fresh Face.

Hello, Old Friend.

Signs of Life, 2015.
Venice, Italy.
Original Photo by SnapDragon X.
All rights reserved.

I know, I know. I really shit the bed with my plans to post everyday.

I could rattle off all of the reasons why I skipped this past week, but I feel like that’d be boring and counterproductive to the idea of moving onward.

(And upward, of course.)

So anyway. Here we are.

. . .

A Few Things on Snap’s Mind That May or May Not Be of Interest:

1. It’s Election Day Week Month Year(?) Here in The US.

Ugh. I don’t even know what to say anymore. But let us reach for compassion, education, intelligence, and humanity. And just fucking vote. I mean, have you read Horton Hears a Who?

2. I’m Chilled to the Bone, Yo.

And it’s only November 2nd. I plan to scorch my skin in luxurious shower water every chance I get. (And also tell myself that my iced coffee habit isn’t contributing to my frigid feet.) (takes a sip)

3. The Sweet-Baby RV is Ready for Adventure.

We’re not planning to steamroll through any winter wonderlands or anything, but our home on wheels has had a serious makeover, and I’m itching for another trip. The Sweet Husband installed beautiful new seats, gorgeous plank flooring, and a classy copper backsplash in the kitchenette. Friggin’ sweet.

4. Open Your Eyes.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Time moves at a frightening pace. I feel like I wake up, blink my eyes, and it’s 2 o’ clock again. Baby, computer work, reading, chores. Time for bed. I have to carve out time to live.

5. The Return of The Red-Headed Snap?

I haven’t dyed my hair in over a decade. These wiry silver hairs are. . . there. And, I’m not so sure I’m cool with it. If I’m going to get back in the Tori Amos hair club, I should probably do so sooner than later, and gradually. Don’t want to frighten the child, yo.

. . .

How are you today, Dear Reader?

. . .

SnapDragon is an educator, artist, and mismatched pajama-wearer.

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