Homemakers Unite!

Because all of those little things? They transform your place into Eden.

Stay Awhile, 2018. Original Photo by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved.
PS: This book sucks. Don’t read it.

This post is in celebration of The Homemakers.

It matters not if you are full-time, part-time, or somewhere in-between.

Without you, your dwelling would be a wasteland. Dust would swirl. Crumbs would stick to your elbows and feet.

“Home” would merely be a way station to another vibrant destination, always just beyond your reach.

. . .

Five Under-Appreciated Homemaking Gems:

5. Tending the Garden. It could surely be debated as to whether or not anyone needs a garden. In my circle of friends, gardening is not a means of survival, but an extremely satisfying hobby. The Sweet Husband has planted a plethora of botanical treats for us to enjoy. He patiently tills the soil, feeds and waters the sprouts, and encourages the vines to take root. Welcome home, young ones. You live here, too.

4. Choosing a Feature-of-the-Week. My wonderful mother may have coined this term, in relation to the humdrum task of grocery shopping. We all have our “usual” items on the list (and if you’re anything like me, most of those are accompanied by a diligently clipped coupon). But you ought to treat yourself, no? Choose something new! A specialty baked good, an indulgent body product? Go ahead! You deserve it.

3. Sprinkling Creature Comforts. I like to evaluate each room in our house, and assess its level of comfort. Is a clean and cozy blanket available? Unique books and magazines? A tube of my favorite lip balm? A tropical-scented candle? It’s those little creature comforts that come through in the clutch, yo.

2. Displaying a Ridiculous Amount of Options. We like to eat. And drink. And play games. So you can bet your sweet ass that our home is filled with fun. Let’s dig through the toy chest for a board game. How about this bottle of Zinfandel? Or is it a Sour IPA kind of day? Want to watch Battlestar Galactica? Yes. We like to rediscover all of the tiny treasures we’ve collected. We bought ’em, and we aim to enjoy ’em.

1.Celebrating Happy Memories. I took this one from Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project, which I read and loved long ago. Because she’s right: Our homes should be filled with relics of our happiest times. Hang up your photos, no matter how wacky or absurd. (Also, move them around from time to time so you continue to see them, and they’re not just absorbed into the background of your day-to-day.) I also like to display postcards from places we’ve been, or whimsical quotes on the bathroom mirror. Last time I checked, Better Homes & Gardens hadn’t called for a photo shoot. So I will celebrate the mismatched beauty of my life, conventions be damned. This is our home, and it’s perfect.

. . .

What are some of your favorite homemaking habits, Dear Reader?

3 responses to “Homemakers Unite!”

  1. I absolutely love having a full wine rack and a variety of Seltzer in the fridge. And I LOVE this post! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I also love your seltzers! So simple, yet so refreshing.


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