The Daily Treat.

Each day, yo.

. . .

I’ve never had an advent calendar.

But I very much like the idea of making my own, even if it’s in my head.

The 30 or 31 days before me would be neatly arranged in a grid.

Or perhaps it’d be a ceramic shelf of sorts, with little glazey drawers to pull open, one by one, and timidly peer inside.

Tiny trinkets and treats would await.

Mood rings.

Chocolates in golden wrappers.

Knickknacks of bluebirds and mermaids and sailboats.

For in this unpredictable world, to take a slice of time for enjoyment?

It may be the best plan we have.

. . .

SnapDragon is an artist who’s pissed she forgot to post yesterday. There goes her streak for the new year. (shrugs)

Snippets of SnapDragon

5 responses to “The Daily Treat.”

  1. I didn’t post today. I have a draft. It’s crap. I don’t care. 🤷

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  2. I think you should create such a calendar, and share with us what the surprise is each day…

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    1. I like it! Now I just gotta find the time. 🙃

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